Grantor Modules
Funding Opportunities
Publishing latest funding Opportunities for different missions into our portal, set up eligibility criteria with required documentation and intelligent workflow automation for seamless process.
  • Schedule the Application due date period
  • Provision to define Funding sources
  • Provided consistent screens to every Funding opportunity
  • Ability to attach documents of different file types
Provides guided User Interface to all ezGrants applicants to enter consistent and error free data for easy application submission process. Supports narrative and budget related information along with the capability attaching files and documents.
  • Secure submission of application through online portal
  • Set reminder for application due date
  • Validation rules for accurate and consistent data
  • Provision for defining budget summary with different budget categories
Follows Sophisticated review mechanism and automated routing process of applications to ensure applicants are evaluated fair and transparent to grant the award.
  • Provides transparency in the application review process
  • Multiple review levels for transparent decision making
  • Collaboration and iterative modifications
Ensure transparent decision making in awarding the grants and setting up appropriate funds along with setting up criteria for performance evaluations, payments and risk management.
  • Organizational award approval process
  • Close tracking of Budget and Funding Allocations
  • Measuring key performance criteria and assigning performance points
  • Create notifications and reminders
Supports amending the grants to accommodate the most common kinds of amendments like extension requests, change of scope requests, and changes to the budget.
  • Organizational Amendment request approval process
  • Notifications and email alerts for amendment requests and changes
Payments & Invoices
Supports the Payment Life Cycle, Invoice generation and integration with Payment Gateways for seamless payment experience.
  • Follows approval process for invoice payments
  • Ability to define payment frequencies i.e. Monthly, Quarterly or On-demand
  • Invoice template and generating invoices within the duration
  • Ability to attach invoice copies to files
Monitoring activity can be accomplished through review of reports and correspondence from the recipient, audit reports, site visits. ezGrants requires recipients to submit a variety of reports which are due at specific times during the life cycle of a grant award.
  • Monitoring reports and audit trails at frequent intervals
Risk Management
Identifying the potential risks based on recipient’s progress reports, assigning the type of risk.
Provides all the key reports and audit trails to the managers and performs funding data reconciliation process for smooth and accurate close out process.